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Vision to Victory Mind Body and Soul Exp, Hampton Roads Tour Mental Health Seminar



Live Webinar (watch in the comfort and security of your own home)

Coming to you Live

from the Marriot City Center, Newport News, VA

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Stay Safe !!!!

" Let go of the outcome and enjoy the proccess."Euricka

Powerful visionary health empowerment series hosted by Affirmation Specialist,

Euricka Alugas

Featuring Hampton Roads own, ZUMBA Fitness Instructor, Alexis Perkins

Workshop on full body health improvement: 

                            Includes Mental, Physical, and Spiritual Fitness

Additional topic:

Living in the covid-19 era


                     2 (15 minute) workout sessions that includes:


Power Fitness Class             Meditation Yoga class               Zumba Fitness

 Living in the Covid -19 Era

Complexities of Spousal Relationships
Staying Safe in the Workplace
Separating home from work
Round the clock child-rearing
Immune System Nutrition
Living your BEST life
and more....

The Vision 2 Victory Mind Body Soul Experience, the Hampton Roads Tour is a health and fitness seminar that’s going to be telecast online, tentatively powered by JETWEBINAR broadcasting. The purpose of the event is to empower families and individuals with the simple steps of achieving and maintaining good mental, spiritual, and physical health.


The event is produced by JHFP Entertainment, a division of JH Financial Productions, Inc.

The program consists of a six panel members of experts, speaking on key topics of public and individual overall health. Additionally, it includes a workout session, and a live performance of LaDeg Records recording artist Dereck DeLevite. Dereck DeLevite will perform  the  song Walk, an up tempo lyrical song that encourages spiritual enhancement and growth by using the analogy of physical fitness.


The panel covers the specific topics of laughter, meditation, nutrition, healthy socializing, and the additional topic of healthy living in the COVID age. The Covid -age topics addresses mental health maintenance while living in isolation, spousal relationships, 24hr family closeness, keeping safe from Covid-19, affordable home and office sanitizing practices, and healthy quarantine. The panel is headline by Eureka Alugas. The location of telecast is Newport News Marriott City Center., Newport News, VA.

Seniors - 1 ticket $20

Couples - 2 ticket $70

group    - 4 Ticket $110

1 ticket gives you 1 online access to event telecast/webinar

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